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FC Presents is focused on creating and managing world class shows, tours, and events. Our accomplishments are possible because of our passionate, driven, and hard working team. As our company grows, we have new openings for positions that will work with our team to help our company continue to evolve in the industry.


All positions are remote where you will be required to meet virtually and work with our venue partners, your department, and performers across the nation. FC Presents is dedicated to providing an inclusive, flexible, and rewarding work environment.


We offer a competitive base salary and allow for two bonus opportunities. To promote growth and quality work, we provide a performance bonus of up to 10%. Alongside this, we offer the opportunity for a revenue goal bonus outlined each fiscal year. 


Paid Time Off

To promote a healthy life and work balance; we offer two weeks of vacation time. We also promote a family lifestyle and have over twenty paid holidays.



We care about fostering the growth of new parents. We offer paid time off for both new moms and dads. We care about your whole family and want to ensure you get to welcome your newborn into the world with some personal one on one time. 



The health of our employees is our number one concern. We offer competitive medical, dental, and vision plans that promote a healthy lifestyle. 


We offer a 401(k) retirement plan with matching that allows our employees to ensure a secure retirement. 

Paid sick days

We know life happens and thats why we provide our employees with ten days of sick time. We want to ensure that you are able to get well without the concerns of work getting in the way. 


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